Tuscany - The Heart of Italian Style

At the mention of the Italian style, words come to mind - elegance, attention to detail and sophistication. We will add quality, comfort and tradition to them. These characteristics are inherent in the leather bag, produced in Tuscany, a region that is recognized as the birthplace of Italian art and culture.

From the district of Santa Croce sull'Arno, in the province of Pisa, excellent raw materials are supplied to manufacturers of leather goods. The regularity and slowness of Italian life are only on hand in the manufacture of leather. The old-fashioned technology of hides does not stand in a hurry. It takes time and patience, as well as many years of experience of the master so that the result is a strong, but soft, warm and pleasant to the touch skin. In keeping with tradition, Tuscan leather makers use vegetable components for tanning hides, ignoring the pursuit of cheapness in the form of chemical solutions and speeding up the processing processes. Protecting the heritage, protecting the brand "Made in Italy". Having in hands a material of excellent quality, it would seem, it is not difficult to make something refined and refined. But here, too, special knowledge and skills are needed based on a sense of style.

Designers of the Tuscany Leather factory have the very Italian taste with which they create leather products imbued with originality, aesthetics and comfort. The sense of beauty is a special feature of the inhabitants of Tuscany. This quality helps to penetrate into the very essence of the thing, give it character and endow it with soul. In each created model there is an individuality and originality. These nuances are expressed in the details of the fittings, the color of the thread chosen for the stitching, and the originality of the lining. In creating something special, every little thing, every nuance is important. As exceptional people in their character, so are the unique bags from Tuscany Leather.

The land of Tuscany is the place where the most daring ideas of master innovators come to life. Each manufacturer is looking for a way to make their future product as high-quality, original and memorable as possible without changing the principles of Tuscan craftsmanship. Being located in one of the most picturesque corners of the planet, Tuscany Leather takes this advantage, inspired by the creation of new perfectly executed copies of leather bags, handbags, and luggage.