In the modern world, hand-made things gain new value. People were fed up with monotony, stamps, and similarity. Cloning has been replaced by the need to be individualized. This desire is expressed in many things, especially in clothing and accessories. Increasingly, a person is looking for something unusual, unique, created in a single copy.

The philosophy of the uniqueness carries a leather bag Tuscany Leather. The product, which came out of the walls of our Italian workshop, is permeated with energy, warmth, and love of the masters who worked on its creation. Each stitch on the bag or bag has its own history and remembers the warmth of the hands that made it.


How to create a handmade bag? Each of our products is born twice: first on paper, the designer-artist draws a sketch, then the master embodies his plans. For manufacturing, we select only the best Tuscan vegetable-tanned leather. To the touch this skin is soft, elastic, quickly takes the warmth of human hands and exudes the smell of luxury. Using his own patterns, the master skillfully tailors a future bag of a single piece of leather. Sometimes this laborious process requires more than one hour. The developer is looking for the most suitable material for the new bag, examines all the shades, the density of the material and possible natural defects in order to find the best piece for cutting the future bag. Every our worker remembers that we produce the best bags,

After cutting, the prepared pieces of leather fall into the hands of the tailoring master. Here begins a truly jewelery job. The choice of thread, processing of cuts, holes for fittings and all sorts of nuances of finishing - the master must provide all the details. Only after careful preparation begins the sewing process. The hands of an experienced master feel every bend, every crease, every stroke. The maestro is immersed in his world - the world of love for his work, the world in which something unique is born. Sometimes you can hear a declaration of love, poetry or a wonderful song. So the creator is looking for an approach to a naughty piece of skin that does not want to fit in the right way. In creating a unique bag all the ways are good.

Hours of hard work are rewarded by the birth of a new product. The bag has not yet acquired its own character, its unique features. These strokes it gives the master installation of accessories. At this final stage it is necessary to be especially attentive. Each rivet, zipper and zip must be in place, any mistake deprives the newly created product of the right to life. But here, too, a professional conjures - clearly calibrated punctures with an awl, confident and light hammer blows - all movements have been rehearsed for years. The dexterity of hands and fingers fascinates, it seems, you are watching the representation of a virtuoso magician. One, two, three - the bag has acquired a face and personality.

Quality does not occur by chance. Quality is the result of deliberate actions, clear goals, skillful choice, and most importantly, a keen desire to achieve the standard of quality. Our masters live in order to reach the highest standard every day, and tomorrow they will raise the bar and go back to their goal. Having chosen this difficult path, everyone in the Tuscany Leather team made a commitment to asking himself the question “Today I did everything as good as possible?” Every day, he answered “Yes, today I did the best I can.” So Tuscany Leather guarantees to each client that by choosing our product, he becomes the owner of unsurpassed quality and gets the opportunity to keep up with the times, while choosing his own way.