The 7 Useful Benefits of Packing Cubes When Traveling

The 7 Useful Benefits of Packing Cubes When Traveling

Packing cubes (sometimes called cells or travel organiser) are small containers that are made of fabric, usually in a rectangular shape and is mainly used for packing clothes. They have zippers and are small enough to fit your backpack, luggage or carry-on bag when traveling.

A lot of these cubes have different sizes and it is very much possible to find the perfect size that will fit your luggage. Some are plain cubes while others have extra layers to put socks, handkerchiefs or other small clothing items.

This packing cubes keep all your clothes compressed (to some degree) and of course makes your packing organized!


The list:

While it is true that you can still pack your clothes nicely in your luggage without using the cubes, we have found the numerous benefits of using one when we started using them. Guess what, we never looked back!


1. Easily organize your clothing

You might already have a great packing process when traveling but theses cubes can help you tune that process better. The biggest benefit of this item is it help you pack your items together anyway you want it. You can use one cube for your underwear, one for your t-shirts, etc. You can also group it according to the members of your family making it easier to get items when needed.


2. Keep clothes neat and tidy

Most of the time, it is unavoidable to have wrinkled clothes even they are neatly packed in your luggage. By filling in the cubes with neatly folded garments, they are kept tidy the way you put them until you reach your destination. This keeps your clothes ready to be used upon pulling them out of your bag. No more ironing needed!

On top of that, you can use one of the cubes as a dirty bag separating them from the clean ones. That way, it is easier to identify which are the clean one or not.


3. Making repacking and finding your clothes easier

When you pack our luggage, there is always that moment where when you think you are all set and ready to go. Then suddenly, you need to find something inside the luggage! The worst thing about it you, you don’t know where you put it so you have to take the whole lot of your items out. This is where the cubes come in really handy. By putting your clothes or items inside the cube, you can take them out easily without taking out the rest of your items. Even if you do need to pull everything out, you can open one cube at a time until you find what you are looking for. Things are still organized even after all the repacking.

4. It Maximizes your luggage space

I wasn't a believer before. I really thought putting all you clothes inside the luggage can maximize your space better. I was proven wrong when we started using this. By compressing your clothes inside the packing cube, you can actually fit more into your luggage. You can also easily stack all your cubes inside the luggage or you bag because of its shape.


5. Multi-functional

Sure they are packing cubes. Although they are mainly used for compressing your clothes making them neat and tidy during your travel, they can also be used for other purposes. You can use them as a cosmetic bag, electronics cable organizer or even a shoe bag if you want too. The best part of it, you can use it as a pillow if you are in camping trip. Just fill it with your clothes.


6. Variety of sizes

Having different sizes is a blessing. You can pack certainly all your clothes into different cubes. You can now easily pair things together and put them in one cube.

Shirts, pants, shorts.

It also means they can fit in any size backpack, suitcase or luggage. Be sure to know what size do you need first before buying.


7.Storage between trips

When you have long trip ahead of you and planning to visit multiple locations, you can keep items in the cube that you do not need. You don't need to put all your clothes out just so that you can find a suitable clothing for your trip. 

The best part of this is that when you do not need it, they are easily folded and kept away. Highly reusable too, and for a long time!



Having a one year old baby, traveling has certainly made our packing more difficult since we have to bring a lot of extra clothes and the packing cubes have certainly helped! We are not able to separate our clothes from here and we don't need to pull everything out. We know where to find her clothes so if we need a change of one, we can easily take out without messing the whole luggage.

The benefits of using the cubes can go beyond this post. They have so many uses but as you can see they are the perfect tool for organizing your clothes during your travels. If you want to take out the stress of having a disorganized luggage, having a set of packing cubes will definitely help you.


If you have any experience or extra benefits you can share with us, please let us know in the comments. We would love to hear from your!