sunset view inside a plane

10 Tricks To Help You Fall Asleep During Your Flight

Having a good night sleep the night before your flight is usually the goal. However, as much as you would love to,  sometimes this is difficult to achieve so you hope on catching up on sleep when the plane has taken off.

Airlines worldwide  are now starting to prioritize the comfort of the passengers in a different way. Business class with lie-flat seats, mood lighting and all sorts of goodies is now available with different airlines. While this all sounds great, we all cant afford the luxury of this amenities.

Even if you aren't lucky to get a seat that has all the exciting features during your flight, there are still ways to get a good sleep during that long haul flight. 


Here are your top ten tricks to help you sleep during your flight: 

Before the flight


1. Stick to your routine

If the budget permits, schedule a flight that matches your natural sleeping pattern ,like travelling during the night. If not, try to stick to your usual routine when you go to bed before the plane takes off e.g. reading a book, brushing your teeth, etc.


 2. Dress for Comfort

While your pajamas are the most comfortable to wear when you go to bed, this isnt the the best choice in public. Try wearing sweatpants or sportswear to keep you comfortable. Don’t forget to bring a pair of thick socks to keep your feet warm.


3. Choose your best side

If you can, try to book your seat on the side where you usually sleep on.


4. Tire yourself out

Try to get a little less sleep the night before your flight. For instance, if you usually sleep 7-8 hours a night, cut  this down to 4-5 hours the night before. When you have settle on your seat and relaxed, sleep should come to you naturally.


 5.Do some stretching

The last thing you need during your flight are body aches and pains that wakes you up or keeping you awake. Try doing some yoga or stretching to keep your body relaxed and supple.



During the flight


6. Reverse your neck pillow

Instead of wearing your neck pillow the usual way, the reversing them and wear it around under your chin. This will support your head when you fall asleep.


7.Use a foot rest

Try improvising by using your carry-on luggage or backpack as a foot rest to improve your posture when sleeping.


 8. Avoid the light

While it is very tempting to watch the in-flight movies they have on the plane as a distraction, they also disrupt your sleep. Block out the light that comes from any electronic devices by using an eye mask


 9. Try listening to white noise

Listen to "whiten noise" to drown out any distracting sounds.  Studies have also shown that this promotes better sleep. Soundtracks such as rainfall, lake sounds are free available to download in the internet or app store.


10. Avoid the snack trolley

Most of the drinks and snacks they offer during the flight are high in caffeine, sugar and alcohol and all can disrupt your sleeping pattern. If you need to eat, try a high-carb snack like cereals an hour before sleeping