5 Styles Of Briefcase To Consider Before Buying. Which Suits You Best?

5 Styles Of Briefcase To Consider Before Buying. Which Suits You Best?

In our daily work lives, we seem to have an array of normal habits. We wake up, take some breakfast (when we really have the luxury of time to do so), we pick out our outfit of the day and we dress up. We gather our keys, wallets and other essentials and make sure to tuck it away in our bag. Yes, that’s right. Aside from the clothes we are wearing, another essential thing that we take with us our bag. It does not matter which line of work we are in. Everyone needs a bag.

With that said, how does one determine what kind of bag is suitable and appropriate to wear at any given time? We first look at several factors and begin with these questions. Do I need to bring a laptop? Do I need to bring a pen? Do I need to bring a wallet and some documents? If the answers to all questions are all YES. Then, we have got it figured out for you. A leather briefcase is a versatile and practical option for your everyday bag needs. A leather briefcase is spacious and can carry your essentials to bring at work.

Wearing and sporting a leather briefcase has always been closely associated as a symbol for powerful men and women alike. The leather briefcase is a good representation responsible to complement one’s look as a working professional.

In this article, we have chosen the top 5 styles you may be looking for in a leather briefcase. Let us take a quick glance:


1. The Classic

This leather briefcase has 2 straps which serve as a buckle to ensure that the contents of the briefcase are protected and kept intact. This look gives a versatile feel to it where you can opt to take it at work or use it when going on a trip.

There is sufficient room inside leaving you space to put your laptop, notebook and other essentials. The rich dark brown color of this leather briefcase can never go wrong with any outfit of your liking.


2. The Corporate Style

The second type of leather briefcase seen on the photo above is highly suggested only to be used in corporate affairs thanks largely to the sensitive and delicate feel of the leather.

Just like the first leather briefcase seen on the first illustration, this one provides sufficient room for storing your laptop, documents and wallet to make sure that you have just about everything before facing everyone in the board room.

The zipper used to seal the bag serves as a convenient and faster way in securing that the contents in the bag are all safe and intact.


3. The Casual One

If you are looking for a more laidback and casual style of leather briefcase while still giving off that: “I am someone you can still take seriously” vibe to it, then this bag may just be for you.

This leather briefcase gives a more organized feel to it. The wallet, cellphone, laptop and pen separators ensure that you won’t need to reach into the deep ends of your bag to find the missing coin you need to buy candy or what not.


4. The Minimalist

Since the top 3 bags venture more into the corporate and smart casual look, let us not forget that there are also minimalists who would like to optimize the use of a bag without the addition of stylishness and sophistication. If you are that person, then this bag is surely for you. This bag gives a minimalistic approach of simple elegance while having the components that you need in storing everything.


5. The Convertible

We now proceed to the last of the top 5 most suggested leather briefcases and bags in the market. When using a bag, people always rave for adjustable straps for easier use. This last leather bag are designed with shoulder straps which can be removable and adjustable to serve as a backpack. This bag can also turn into a single shoulder bag with the adjustable straps. This is surely something to consider for people always on the go.


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