5 Important Features To Check Before Buying A Briefcase
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5 Important Features To Check Before Buying A Briefcase

Nowadays, choosing a bag which is functional and at the same time gives an edge of sophistication and poise is a sure ringer for bag aficionados out there. Known to many, the likes of shoulder bags and backpacks are one of the most common types of bags used by young and old alike. Recently, messenger bags have been the center of spectacle being widely used by stars in the popular television series we watch these days.

Don’t you just love seeing messengers deliver letters and documents with their handy and spacious bags as they walk from one house to another? We’ll explain more what exactly a messenger bag is. It is a type of bag with a strap worn over one shoulder and the strap which extends across the chest leaving the main body of the back resting on the lower back. Let’s just say that messenger bags have long been a good choice and alternative between formal briefcases or even a casual backpack, a fusion of functionality and style. It meets your everyday needs and you can put your things into a bag without looking like you are bringing a suitcase wherever you go.

So here comes the next question, once the leather messenger bag has been described and its functionality defined, how do you choose a quality leather bag? In choosing the right quality, what details must you pay close attention to and how can you tell between synthetic or genuine leather without grabbing a magnifying glass to spot the difference? These are some suggestions which you can use for reference:

1. The Quality Of Leather Used

Quality and durability over style. There goes the mantra of the buyers who pride in finding the best quality of leather owned at a reasonable price. But let us not get to the price quotation just yet. Take a close look at the material used to make the bag. Over time, the quality of leather improves. Notice and take a look closely if the material is made of full grain leather as it is the best material suggested and the most durable as well. The color of leather changes in time as it develops an attractive patina. The saying “she ages like fine wine” can also go well with the selection of good quality leather.

brown leather messenger bag | Odessie.com

2. Accessories

Don’t you just love accessorizing something basic? In the bag world, the accessories are referred to as hardware, lining fabric, fittings, zippers, shoulder strap fittings to name a few. It is safe to say that the accessories or hardware materials used to create the bag are very crucial to the appearance of a bag. The hardware style must conform to the overall style of the bag. Checking the zipper is also very crucial for it is normally the case when the zipper clasp breaks after the first day of use. You have to check how the zipper lane was made and to ensure that the zippers do not easily rust.

When buying a bag, the aesthetic view is important but more importantly, the quality of materials used of course. You may ask: “How do I check a bag if I am buying it online?” Buying a product online is always a tad bit riskier than checking the quality of the bag in real life. But it is not impossible. If you are searching for a good quality bag online, zoom in to the product pictures and check the specifications. Observe the zipper lines and the accessories that come with it.

accessories of leather messenger bag | Odessie.com

3. Choosing The Right Style

Choosing a bag can be tricky especially when it comes to the topic of what appropriate is and what is not. To be able to decipher, you must first be clear what bag to use on a certain event or occasion. You surely won’t bring a leather bag to go running in the rain right? Choose a style then which is appropriate for your everyday life. To elaborate further, we may choose from a hard-sided case and a soft sided version of the said bag. It does not really matter whether you choose the hard or the soft case. However, you must be able to find a good version to use which can go well with your daily lifestyle.

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3. Flexibility Of Space

The leather messenger bag was not constructed to fit only a pen. It comes however, it comes in different sizes and corresponding designs found in the internal side of the bag to cater to different people’s needs. If you are the type who brings a laptop anywhere you go, then go for a larger sized messenger bag so that your bag can fit more than a laptop. You should always consider the many compartments found on the inside of a bag. That always comes in handy especially if you are looking for a missing coin or a pen when you badly need to write something down.

inside of a messenger bag | odessie.com

4. The Color Of The Messenger Bag

When we think about leather, we think about a dark rich brown color. Did you know that there’s more to life than just a brown leather colored bag? That’s right, a messenger leather bag is popularized by the colors dark brown, black and of course medium brown. These colors are neutral and can be used for any occasion. Dark brown and black colored messenger bags are best suited for a professional ambience. Medium brown is best suited for casual occasions or mostly used for everyday life. You may ask again, but what color of shoes do I wear? That is the beauty of it. It is fine to wear a brown belt to be paired with your black or dark brown bag. The neutrality of colors make it versatile and fashionable.

brown messenger bag | odessie.com

5. The Cost Of The Leather Messenger Bag

We have come to the last part to consider when choosing a quality messenger bag. Leather has been widely known in the world as durable and also the penchant for style. Buying a leather messenger bag for a less expensive price may come as a short relief because you may thing you are saving a lot now, but the promise of durability does not uphold. Choosing a luxury brand known for constructing durable and stylish leather messenger bags with a slight or significant increase in cost will be an investment in the end. Better yet, if you find a high quality leather bag for a more affordable price, then you have got everything sorted for you.

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